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BBC Radio London interview with DJ Edward Adoo and The Jive Aces

What a blast, being on BBC Radio London with The Jive Aces, interviewed by broadcaster, DJ Edward Adoo! UK's No. 1 jive band, The Jive Aces, have now come on board on my recent Christmas Film (title TBA). They will be a huge part of our music score in this utterly cosy and cute Christmas movie for 2023. Produced, written and directed by the powerhouse and No. 1 billboard artist, Joy Villa, and also produced by Chris Johnson, this film will be hitting major streaming services and channels. It is already in post production and simultaneously, we are well on the way with our next feature! Thrilled to announce that I am on board as Executive Producer! Its subject matter is certainly one of a kind. Written by Joy Villa herself who is pulling out all the stops. More news to come!


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