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'Pastor Sue's Christmas' - Released Christmas 2023

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Christmas 2022 was a fun one! A last-minute casting took me to California for two weeks playing the lead in Pastor Sue's Christmas, co-produced and directed by Chris Johnson and No 1 Billboard artist and actress, Joy Villa. Villa also stars in the movie, playing my character's nemesis.

I am so grateful to, finally, be playing a lead in a film, but also my first comedy role. At last, something to make others laugh. But never before have I worked with such a powerhouse of a team! Not only do Joy Villa and Chris direct with such vigour and passion, but our DOP, Lonnie Peralta, and his team of lighting and camera professionals made me truly feel like a million dollars.

I look forward to sharing this heart-warming film this Christmas 2023 on Amazon Prime.


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